The Tunnel (2011)

The Tunnel is the natural successor to 1998’s The Last Broadcast. Whether writers Julian Harvey and Enzo Tedeschi would agree with me is debatable, but, but if you’re reading this, we mean it as the deepest compliment.

Told through a series of interviews and news footage, it tells the story of a news team investigating a potential government cover up in a series of abandoned train tunnels beneath Sydney. Okay, so the cynical inside you is probably thinking ‘so far, so suburban Blair Witch Project’, but bear with us, oh cynical reader.

The success of this film, as well as the concept, is Carlo Ledsma’s direction. A huge vein of claustrophobia and helplessness runs throughout the film as we follow our protagonists go through every cold sweat drenched minute. They don’t really know where they are; running around tunnels that grow ever smaller and darker, it soon becomes clear that this could become part of their downfall as their story begins to hunt them.

There are some truly wonderful set pieces to be found during its surprisingly short 90 minute runtime. A particular gruesome scene sees the crew unknowingly have their own cameras used on them. It’s a brilliant scene that makes you sit up and take notice for the duration.

To say any more just seems wrong. Instead, we ask, nay beg, that you take some time out this week and make it part of your viewing priorities this week. Hell, with the latest movies this year being a choice between a wizard, Ryan Reynolds in CGI and a middle aged rom-com, you really have no excuse.

The Tunnel can obtained from either as a DVD or via legal torrent. Remember, if you do use the torrent, do the right thing and make a donation.

Sweet dreams everyone.


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