Lies (2): Spider-man 2012

Bit late to the game, but I got the new Twilight trailer. Lets watch it shall we….

Oh interesting. See, I’ve not been keeping up with movie gossip so had no idea that Robert Pattinson had been replaced by Andrew Garfield. Well, that must have caused a stir…

Oh he’s so lonely…

So misunderstood…

Go team Edward!

Wait, that looks like… No. No, it couldn’t be.


Yeah, alright I’ve dragged it out a bit but this is clearly the new Spider-man trailer. Or as I’m now calling it Spider-man: Breaking Dawn.

Look, I’ve nothing wrong with moody superhero movies. Hell, with only Watchmen, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk, Sin City and The Spirit, it’s a seriously underrepresented market. Its just… This is Spider-man. Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man. Always jumping around, saying cheeky things like, ‘ooh, I’m a Spider-man!’. That kind of thing. Did I miss the meeting  where we forgave Sam Raimi for this?

Okay, I’m judging it too harshly, I admit. There looks like there’s some interesting aspects. It looks like they’re doing the whole Richard and Mary Parker are spies storyline and there’s the brilliant idea of watching the world from our protagonist’s POV, which I’m sure will actually be worth watching in 3D.

Just, please, Peter, crack a fucking smile in the next trailer.



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