Your Highness (2011)

Danny McBride plays a spoilt prince, Thadeus, who constantly, and some could argue willingly, hides in the shadow of his elder brother, Fabious (James Franco). When Franco’s fiancée (Zooey ‘I can sing if you want me to’ Deschanel) is kidnapped by the evil Leezar (Justin ‘Yep, you knew you’d seen my face somewhere’ Theroux), he encourages McBride to join him on a quest to rescue her. Along the way, they meet Natalie Portman’s bottom who is out to avenge her father’s death.

Aaaand that’s the plot. You can probably guess how it all ends and you’d be right.

Except you. You were way out.

Danny McBride has been a constant joy as a bit character and he confidently carries the lead role of both series of Eastbound and Down. However, as a lead in Your Highness, his schtick just falls a bit flat. Mostly this is down to the script, co-written by McBride, which replaces jokes with colloquialisms and must have surely read like this:


I liketh your Bristols, m’lady.

Natalie Portman’s bottom

What do you mean?

Stage directions: At this point I’ll just say fuck and make rude gestures with my hands until the director says stop.

It’s not all like that, but as I write, I struggle to think of any real stand scenes, such is the reptitive nature of it all. Those that do spring forth aren’t the best. The pedophilic soothsayer just goes on to kick homosexual stereotypes back to before Stonewall.

Whilst it does mange to invoke the spirit of 80s fantasy movies with some cheeky nods to Ray Harryhausen’s creations, there’s not enough to keep you wanting to go back to it. Watch it, forget it and then whack on the aforementioned Eastbound and Down for a better quality McBride.


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