Puppet Monster Massacre (2011)

The director of Puppet Monster Massacre (PPM) says any comparisons to Peter Jackson’s Meet the Feebles are lazy. He’s right. Despite, and maybe because of, all it’s fornicating puppets, swearing, poo poo/wee wee jokes, Meet the Feebles is actually an entertaining film following the wake of other exploitation movies. PPM isn’t.

The film acts a pastiche of 80’s video nasties; five teenagers are invited to spend the night at the infamous Wagner mansion. If they last the whole night, they will win $1 million. All very House on Haunted Hill (deliberately so). Little do they realise that underneath the very foundations of Wagner Mansion, its owner is constructing a fiendish plot. Then nothing happens for a VERY long time, before the final 15 minutes arrive and then it’s all blood, gore, blood, gore, Nazis, big monster, blood gore, photoshop, more Nazis, blood, gore, snooze, credits, thank Christ it’s over….

Director/Writer Dustin Mills has attempted a lot and all due respect to him. It’s just a shame that the sum doesn’t justify the means. I understand that this is a parody/spoof/imitation, but it doesn’t work. The broad strokes of comedy sit uneasily next to the later scenes of gore. Did I say comedy? Sorry, I meant sentences punctuated by swearing and knob jokes and puppets with tits. Laughing? Then this is the film for you.

There are much better comedy/horror films and before you do what I did and pick this up out of curiosity, remember that in the words of Futurama, you watched it, you can’t unwatch it.


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