Exhibit A (2011)

The fallout of the economic crisistm is caught in unflinching lo-fi in Director Dom Rotheroe’s funeral pyre for the nuclear family.

Worried that her father, Andy King (Bradley Cole), is beginning to act strangely, and wanting to confront him with the evidence, daughter Judith (Brittany Ashworth) begins to record her family’s day to day life.

What’s the matter with old Pops? Well, as the audience, we piece the mystery behind daddy’s issues together a lot quicker than the rest of the King clan; which is very likely a deliberate thing on Rotheroe’s part. Knowing what we know and being unable to share it, we sentenced to watching events unfold with tension like a spike up our bottom, whilst Andy tries to hold it together via a series of Eric Morecambe impressions, lashing out and pogoing to Madness. It’s like trying to repair a leaking dam with rice paper.

In a way, Exhibit A reminds us of François Ozon’s Sitcom – except without all the incest and giant rats. As the pressure becomes too much to bear, Andy’s mental state begins to turn him into a ‘monster’ and it becomes a question of who is going to escape this family unscathed. The final 20 minutes, whilst stretching credibility slightly, are extremely uncomfortable to watch and, like long distance puppy kicking, you’ll be abhorred but unable to turn away till the tape runs out. And that strange sound at the end? That’s you finally exhaling after 80 minutes. Definitely not one to watch on Father’s Day.


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