A Haunted House (2013)

In A Haunted House, Marlon Wayans tackles the ‘found footage’ genre in this parody of Paranormal Activity and The Devil Inside. If it has anything going for it, which we struggled with when we tried to think of anything, it’s the fact that Wayans and director, Michael Tiddes, are restrained in some areas. Insofar as they focus primarily on spoofing one particular genre without trying to find anaemic excuses to shoehorn in parodies of the latest and greatest hits from YouTube.

However, the rest of the time A Haunted House is a mean spirited movie that replaces humour for unoriginal pot shots at gender, race and sexual orientation. It’s not that the ‘jokes’ are offensive, but we’ve seen them before in every other Wayans Brothers film before.

Also, the biggest crime for any comedy/horror is boredom and A Haunted House has it in spades. Scenes drag on with barely a titter or a scream, despite Wayans being more than willing to get his bottom out on a near regular basis.

Despite not being part of the Scary Movie franchise, the lack of subtlety and wit on display suggests it wouldn’t look out of place amongst them. This is one for the person who likes nothing more than a fart joke played out ad nausea.


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