In Their Skin (2012)

Still reeling from the death of their daughter, affluent couple, Mark and Mary Hughes (Joshua Close and Selma Blair) retreat with their son to shelter in their isolated cottage. Reluctantly agreeing to break bread with their overtly friendly neighbours, the Hughes suddenly find themselves caught in a game of cat and mouse and the desire for a perfect life.

In Their Skin brings nothing new to the home invasion genre. Centered as it is around the themes of impersonation and imitation, it’s ironic it pilfers from Funny Games, The Strangers and Panic Room, with heavy emphasis on the former. Any sense of tension is lost amidst the clichés that spurt up like a sprinkler during its short running time.

Everyone plays to stereotype without really adding anything to the limp script. Selma Blair’s mum in trouble is all kohl eyes and quivering lips, whilst James D’Arcy as the intrusive Bobby stalks around like the Child Catcher without the threat of violence.

There’s a last ditch attempt to hook all the proceedings onto the financial crisis of yesteryear, but like everything else in In Their Skin, it fails to convince.


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