Early Bird Favourites: Movie Podcasts

We bloody love a podcast in the EBFS office. Get a good one and you’ll be entertained for an hour or so. Get really good one and it’ll inform, excite and infuriate in equal measure. We’ve been ploughing through our iTunes library to create shortlist of some of our favourites. We’ve deleted more than we’ve kept so, trust us when we say that these are some of the best. So welcome to Part One of our list of favorite podcasts.


Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews

If you’ve ever seen your Facebook or Twitter feed filled with ‘Hello to Jason Isaacs’, these are the people to blame. Released every Friday by BBC Radio 5, this podcast is the daddy for a lot of people including ourselves. Compiled from edited highlights of their live show, Kermode and Mayo provide up to 90 minutes of bickering, listeners’ letters, bickering, film reviews, interviews and bickering. If you’re not interested what Nigel from Twickenham feels about the Pacific Rim, then you won’t be missing anything by skipping over the first 20 minutes of feedback from the listener’s, but after that it’s all a wonderful ride as Kermode brings you reviews of the latest releases.

mza_6115474879197657794.170x170-75Outside the Cinema

Presented by Bill by Force and Mr Chris, Outside the Cinema is the place for discussion about all things genre. Each week our gallant hosts take on a duo of ‘classic’ genre films. Sometimes they love them. Sometimes they really hang them out to dry. Genre podcasts have a tendency to be hosted by people whose cinema knowledge begins and ends with Wraith of the Wendigo, but Bill and Mr Chris really seem to love everything about film and give some great insights into films you’d ordinarily leave on the shelf. Recent episodes have seen them review films chosen by people who donated to their Kickstarter campaigns which has led to great double features, i.e. 70s cop film Busting and gothic fairytale Pan’s Labyrinth.

slash-filmcastThe /Filmcast

The official podcast of /Film, this podcast consists of one main review bookended by chat about the latest Hollywood gossip and usually a spoiler-filled chat bout the film of choice that week. Slick and polished like a your teeth after a visit to the dentist, hosts Dave Chen and company provide some greater insider chat balancing the populist with art house.



mza_1452987892651694380.170x170-75Keepin’ it Real

Brought to you by the folks at IGN Movies, Keepin’ It Real brings you the latest in genre movie news. This fun little podcast usually comes in at under an hour so it’s perfect for that journey to work. Don’t let the length fool you, they pack it full of the with insider stories, interviews and box office dissection.



mza_7032033394184635295.170x170-75The Spoiler Guys

For those looking for a podcast with an Antipodean flavor, set your sights on The Spoiler Guys. As host Alice Tynan points out, this is the podcast to listen to after the credits have rolled. Each week, Alice along with fellow critics, Marc Fennell and Giles Hardie talk about the latest blockbusters without being restrained by the need to hide plot points. Always entertaining and always humorous, this is the podcast to go to if you want to bring a smile to your face. Plus, you can always have a crack at their self-devised drinking game; down a shot every time they name drop who they’ve interviewed.


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