MurderDrome (2013)

Welcome to the MurderDrome, Bitch!

When a roller derby player is given a pendant as a gift, it leads to death, murder on rollerblades and Hell on earth, in this Aussie brewed slasher from Daniel Armstrong. Seemingly a stranger to the violent femme world of roller derby, Armstrong was given a helping hand with the script by Louise Monnington; one of the film’s stars and our personal favourite character.

MurderDrome certainly nails its (neon) colours to the mast right form the get go. As our heroines (all roller derby players in real life) spin around the rink, punk music swells and it’s obvious that this is a film that wants you in on the ride. And you really should listen, for MurderDrome is as gory as it is fun. Armstrong paints the screen red, whilst making room for a splash of humour. We also take great pleasure in seeing strong female characters in a genre now saturated with tight-topped chicks screaming just as much as they jiggle.

Admittedly, this probably not for everyone’s taste, but that’s the nature of the beast with genre films, we guess. Often it’s the rough edges that put people off. Whilst MurderDrome may not shake these people’s beliefs, at a brisk 70 minutes, it would be churlish to not at least give this little treat a shot.



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