In A World… (2013)

Women get the raw of the deal in most vocations and in In A World… that speaks doubly so for trailer voiceover work. With real life voiceover legend Don LaFontaine dead, the trailer industry is desperate for the next big thing in talking over short clips of soon to be released movies coming to a cinema near you. In A World… follows the interweaving lives of three hopefuls wanting to fill LaFontaine’s shows: misogynist rich boy Gistav Warner (Ken Marino), aging Lothario Sam Soto (Fred Melamed) and his daughter Carol Solomon played by Lake Bell, who also wrote and directed the film.

Warner and Soto share saunas, stroking each other’s egos and waiting for THAT phonecall that’ll be their next step into the big leagues. Meanwhile, Solomon leads a meagre existence, living on her sister’s sofa, working as a freelance vocal coach and being pursued by Louise the puppy eyed sound technician (Demetri Martin).

Get beyond the slacker sheen of the film (be warned whilst funny, there is a hell of a lot of mumbling in this) In A World… is also a wry look at gender politics, with it even taking pot shots at everyone’s favorite kiddy killer movies, The Hunger Games. Are some industries more male orientated than others? And if so, is hiring more women the right thing to do or simply positive discrimination? Though it may feel like it has something to say, we not sure it’s entirely successful with a cameoing Geena Davies and Lake Bell driving home a point or two in the last five minutes of the film. And we’re not sure we’re fully on board with our hero encouraging the message that woman should change how they act if they want to be taken as seriously as men in the work place. Maybe it’s the work place that should change, not the person.

Politics aside, In A World… is cracking comedy that at least encourages discussion which is more than can be said about Dumb and Dumber. And we bloody love Dumb and Dumber.


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