Sharknado (2013)

Sharknado has to be one of the most cynical films we’ve ever witnessed. In summary, global warming leads to a huge storm which leads to flooding and, oh yeah, sharks being hurled into the streets of LA. Ian Ziering, aka Steve Sanders from 90210, fights his way through the city to save his children as well as his ex-wife played by Tara Reid.

There is no way to slice this film and make it actually worth seeing. We tried to enjoy it on several levels, including one where we pretended we were being paid to watch it. Nothing helped. From beginning to end, this is a godawful film.

The main issue we take is how it rides the coattails of genre. That somehow because it knows it’s stupid, we’ll all jump on board and give it an embracing hug. Hey, it’s a film about flying sharks, it doesn’t need to adhere to same quality checks as ‘regular’ movies, right? Wrong. That’s how we end up with films like Piranha 3D and its lamentable sequel. People who love monster movies, horror and genre flicks deserve better than this undercooked turd.

Sharknado doesn’t feel like we’re all in on the joke. Sharknado feels like the joke is on us.


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