Bad Neighbours (AKA Neighbors) (2014)

Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen play an affluent couple riding that thin line between maturing and yearning for their days of youth. They have a nice house on a nice street, and an adorable baby girl. When a fraternity moves in next door, the couple hope they can build up a neighbourly relationship, but a misunderstanding soon leads to a line being drawn and a battle of wits begins between them and the frat’s leader played by Zac Efron.

Bad Neighbours is a frequently funny and foul-mouthed comedy that excels simply by allowing everyone to play their part and just have fun with it. Of course all this fun does cause some problems. Namely the improvisations, which, as we’ve grumbled about before, just need to be reigned in a little. When everyone in the scene begins to look tired of the joke, you’ll be damn right in assuming the audience is too!

However, this kind of grumble can be swept under the carpet when the laughs here are so plentiful. And despite the numerous dick and fart jokes, it’s clear that Rogen and his frat pack are beginning to mature. The role of finger wagging wife usually reserved for films of this ilk, is crushed under foot by Byrne. Never assuming a backseat role, her Aussie housewife even calls bullshit when her husband says it’s her job to keep him in check.

Oh Katherine Heigl, how angry you must be right now.



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