The Volcano (2014)

The Volcano, also known as Eyjafjallajökull, is the rather silly and fluffy tale of a divorced couple, played by Dany Boon and Valerie Bonnerton, travelling together to Greece for their daughter’s wedding. Unfortunately for them, the year is 2010 and a soon-to-be-famous Icelandic icecap has just blown its top. Hence the original tongue crippling title mentioned earlier. With their flight grounded, the feuding couple must work together to reach their destination.

Whilst The Volcano synopsis suggests its about divorcees duking it out (which to, to be fair, they literally do at one point), the scales are clearly tipped in Boon’s favour as the buttoned-down Alain. Bonnerton as Valerie is our catalyst of trouble. An affluent vet, she’s so overbearing and insulting, it’s no wonder Alain tries to ditch her at every turn. She’s Melissa McCarthy and Zach Galifianakis rolled up together and shaved. Is it a success when you can’t stand to be with a character straight from the get-go? Probably, but did they have to be so annoyingly successful. A gear change in the second act, thankfully, manages to temper things.

In terms of plot: Anyone familiar with the likes of Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Due Date and honestly any comedy where two people who have an aversion to each other go on a timed journey, will know exactly what to expect. Plans go awry, deadlines aren’t met and everyone gets into a sticky situation involving a serial killer who thinks he’s Jesus. To be fair, that last one is probably new. Whilst The Volcano certainly isn’t surprising, it’s a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours in the cinema. Brace yourselves for the inevitable remake hitting a Cineplex near you.


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