22 Jump Street (2014)

When it was first announced that 21 Jump Street was getting the reboot treatment at the hands of Jonah Hill, a lot of people were expecting it to go as quickly as it came. However, it defied the critics, turning out to be a smart but foul mouthed piece of joy that managed to even follow the canon of the oringal Johnny Depp vehicle.

Now, Hill and Channing Tatum are back in the sequel, 22 Jump Street, and boy would they like you to know how much they know they’re in the second part of a franchise. Starting off with  Nick Offerman as Chief Hardy imploring our two leads to carry on doing the ‘same thing as before’, the movie goes to great pains to be as meta as possible. Yes, the plot is exactly the same, albeit in a college environment, but you don’t have to keep signposting it. Really, we get it.

Not that the film isn’t funny. Far from it. There are plenty of times where it’s just as witty as before. The point is that there’s only so much nudging you can take before you start to bruise. The end credit sequence probably sums up the issues with the film best. With its abundance of spoof sequel trailers, the whole affair feels like it was a hell of a lot more fun to make than it was to watch, which is a hell of a shame.


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