Antisocial (2013)

Facebook owns us. Even when it’s doing incredibly dodgy things like messing with our newsfeeds to prove that people sometimes people feel sad, we curl up next to it during our evenings at home; mindful that it may do it again. Facebook is the Christian Grey of our little lives. In Cody Calahan’s Antisocial, social media’s cold embrace may be connected to a string of violent episodes happening across the world, which are updated by the victims and perpetrators via statuses on Social Redroom: the film’s thinly veild equivalent of Facebook.

Over the course of this night of violence a group of college kids will fend for their lives the world around them melts into rivers of blood. Like most things in the long fart that is modern life, our heros get their updates via tumblr posts, YouYube videos and people trying to kick down their door so they can do the same to their faces. Antisocial wears its social commentary like a badge of honour, but, the idea doesn’t fully stretch out to a 90 minute feature. Which leaves us with long passages of time dedicated to the discussion of feelings and a pregnancy storyline that goes the way of the breast cancer plot in The Room.

Antisocial isn’t a bad film. It does on occasion have the power to shock (death by fairy lights anyone?), but ultimately it’s a missed opportunity.


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