Trifecta of Horror: Killer Barbys, Simon Says and I, Frankenstein

Killer Barbys (1996)

Jess Franco (Oasis of Zombies) directed this musical/giallo/horror comedy back in 1996 and this is your first time being exposed to his work, then we’re sorry. Starring real life band, The Killer Barbies as The Killer Barbies, a fictional band who get caught up all Scooby Doo like in a mystery involving something, something, zombie, something, gore, something, and something. Oh, it’s very hard to raise even a stink up about this film. It’s a total mess, whose deliberate shabby charms fail to keep your attention past the half hour mark. Franco has a large fan base, but it’ll be hard to find anyone who would willfully cheer this one on from the sidelines.

Simon Says (2006)

Crispin Glover plays twin brothers in this surprisingly entertaining horror from William Dear (Harry and the Hendersons). Finding an idyllic place to camp, a group of horny teens, plus the obligatory final girl, find themselves being hunted down after visiting the shop of Simon and Riff, both played by the aforementioned Glover. It’s a story we’ve seen a thousand times before, but Glover’s insistence on jumping with both feet when performing means it’s hard not to get swept up in it all. Invite some friends over this Halloween and have some fun.

I, Frankenstein (2013)

Aaron Eckhart plays Adam, the immortal creation of Dr Frankenstein, who finds himself caught in the no man’s land of a battle between Heaven and Hell. Bill Nighy pops up as Adam’s antagonist to phone in a performance that gives the film and screenplay all the respect it deserves. It’s not eh outlandish concept that’s a problem. Frankenstein’s Monster as a martial arts expert and demon killer sounds like rollicking idea on paper. However, it’s played so dry, you wonder what film Eckhart et al convinced themselves they were really in. Drowning in CGI, I Frankenstein is like watching your mate play XBOX over his shoulder.


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